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August 2019

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2104-E (EA Block), $50 Federal Reserve Note Richmond, 1934B S872s, 10 Dollars Canada, 2.11.1922 785, $5 FRBN Cleveland, 1918 2115-B* (B* Block), $50 Federal Reserve Note New York, 1969A
Population 5
Very scarce and low population

Specimen perforated and in red
Nice note
Low S/N 48
Scarce Type
Population 10

156d, 500 Francs France, 1976-79 2120-J (JB Block), $50 Federal Reserve Note Kansas City, 1981 Appleton, Wisconsin, CH# 1749 Rhinelander, Wisconsin  CH# 4312
Population 13, 2 Finer
Nice original note from Kansas City.
Scarce this nice.

Attractive Layout and Signatures on This Seldom Seen $5 Brown Back
Population 16 Large
Only $10 Brown Back Known on This Bank
Light Soiling
2032-J (JA Block), $10 Federal Reserve Note Kansas City, 1995 2029-E (EA Block), $10 Federal Reserve Note Richmond, 1990 Rhinelander, Wisconsin  CH# 4312 Manitowoc, Wisconsin, CH# 4975
Radar serial number

Population 7, 1 Finer

Only 2 $5 Brown Backs known on This Bank
Margin Tears
Affordable note from this small community