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S872s, 10 Dollars Canada, 2.11.1922 Appleton, Wisconsin, CH# 1749 Rhinelander, Wisconsin  CH# 4312 156d, 500 Francs France, 1976-79
Specimen perforated and in red
Nice note
Attractive Layout and Signatures on This Seldom Seen $5 Brown Back
Population 16 Large
Only $10 Brown Back Known on This Bank
Light Soiling
Neenah, Wisconsin  CH# 1602 74, 100 Yen Japan, ND (1946) 2110-G* (G* Block), $50 Federal Reserve Note Chicago, 1950C 785, $5 FRBN Cleveland, 1918
Serial Number 1
Very Few Serial Number 1 $100's Are Available
Problem Free AU
Population 18

Low S/N 48
Scarce Type
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, CH# 4975 2118-J* (J* Block), $50 Federal Reserve Note Kansas City, 1974 2115-B* (B* Block), $50 Federal Reserve Note New York, 1969A 2032-J (JA Block), $10 Federal Reserve Note Kansas City, 1995
Affordable note from this small community
Very scarce replacement note.
Minor tear in bottom margin and small ink spot near the portrait.

Population 10

Radar serial number